I did it!!

After that talk with my mother I went to Internet, looking for what is required from a volunteer. It's a lot! I wasn't sure if I still want to join Peace Corps, so I search for Peace Corps alternatives. Then I found Global Volunteer Network, I can choose different time commitments, from a week to six months.
At lunch, my mother asked me about my decision,  and I told her that I want to volunteer for a few months and then I go to school at the spring semester. That way, volunteer can help me decide what I want to do for my career.
I want to go to South Africa, to teach the kids from there about health.
Then I showed her an e-mail I got from Mark:

When my mom saw the image, she got shocked, and said it was terrible, and that the woman looks like defeated and it gave her a bad image about where I was going to, and she tried to convince me to stay, she even said that we could free some money too buy some "straw things" like she said, and send them to Mark, but she didn't even know what LifeStraws were!!! 
Life Straws are awesome, they are straws that you can bring with you anywhere, to filter any water you are drinking, you can just go to a dirty pond and suck up the water and it gets filtered.

She really tried to convince me to leave this idea, but I got around and told her that I really wanted to travel, to help this people with my own hands and I finnaly found a volunteer program which lasts up to six months, so I can be back in time for school.
I think after this she understood, and told me to prepare everything, gather the informations about the volunteering and choose the school I want to go.

This is what passion feels like. I love it!

Live in the moment

Today at breakfast I told my mother that I want to join Peace Corps, that I want to do something important, so I showed her an e-mail I receive from Mark about William, a boy who is in Malawi and built a windmill to make electricity for his house, he is only 14 years old and he didn't finish High School. Now he's making lots of money, travelling through the world, and showing his story as an example to follow.
I explain to my mother that I don't know when I'll die. I could die tomorrow, and if I do, I'll regret not doing the things that I wanted to do.
Then I told her about a eight-years-old kid, Ryan, from Canada. He learned that there were people dying because they didn't have clean water, so he raised 70$ and then talked with his friends, neighbors and the rest of the community to raise the rest of the money to build a well on a Ugandan village. Now, he has his own organization that builds wells around the world.
My mom started to get convinced, but she said something that made me think...
If I join Peace Corps, I won't be able to see my friends or my mother for years, so my mom gave me the idea to go to college, and then if I still want to go to the Peace Corps, she would let me.
I want to do volunteering, but I don't think I'll last for two years in there. And I don't want to go to college yet anyway...


After dinner I took out the folders from the packages and started looking at them, and I started remembering last summer...
Last summer I worked at a science camp, I was assisting the children in their lessons on the ecosystem of the area. I didn't know anything about ecosystem and Ms. Brown said that I would be paid to a two-week training course so I can teach the kids. I loved the idea of being paid to hike through the woods with the campers.
One day, I was assisting Mark, the nature trail instructor, and we were walking to a green pond so the children could catch some bugs and other organisms and identify them, when one of the campers said "Ewwww, I don't want to touch that water. It's dirty", and Mark told them that that water was duckweed and ducks and swans love it. Then he told us that there is some rural villages in Mali that have really dirty water, and they have to drink it to still alive.
I though that that story was just to convince the kid that it's okay to touch the pond water, but it wasn't.. He told me that 5 years ago he joined the Peace Corps and volunteered in a small village in Mali. His project was to build two wells for the village so people could go to a stream and get their water from there. The water they had was so dirty that  the children were sick and dying.
I couldn't believe that..
He said that when the wells were done, they were all crying for joy, because now their children won't die from drinking water, and they are also able to get water only with ten minutes walking instead of hours.
I was a little upset because such thing shouldn't exist in today's world. We have so many water here where we live, and we waste it without thinking that in some parts of the world they live like this.
Since that day I hope that I can join Peace Corps, so I could help other people like Mark.
I'm bored with school and with my routine which is always the same thing. Nothing is exciting anymore.. I can't feel the passion that my classmates fell when they talked about college, or when they talk about career.
Life is a monotonous mindless task...

I Know

Another package come today... My mom was worried because it's been two weeks and I haven't choose a school yet. I told her I don't want to go, I want to travel around the world, but she doesn't want to give me money for that. She started talking about my future and that if I go to college, I would get good chances of having an awesome career and a good start in life.
Before leaving the room, her last words were "You will get to college".
I started looking at the envelopes on my desk, and all I wanted to do was scream. I'm crying right now.. I don't want to go!!
Now I know about what I'm passionated about.. 
I want to travel around the world.


This week I got a new package from another school. I've got four , and I haven't open any of them. I don't want to go to school... I'm not ready to jump into 4 years of studying, papers, exams. When I finnished High School I was so happy that I could be free and able to go anywhere in the world, meet new people and do new things but everyday my mom asks me if I already decided what school I want to go..
I just need time to think....


Hello, my name is Asha, I am 18 years old, I'm from New England, and I'm not an ordinary girl.
This year I'm finishing High School, and althought of being a good student, I don't like school.
Once, my college counselor, Mr. Jones asked me what I'm passionated about and I didn't know, so I decided create a blog to figure it out.
Hope it helps you taking your decisions too, and I expect you to like it.
Thanks for visiting,
 Asha ;)