I did it!!

After that talk with my mother I went to Internet, looking for what is required from a volunteer. It's a lot! I wasn't sure if I still want to join Peace Corps, so I search for Peace Corps alternatives. Then I found Global Volunteer Network, I can choose different time commitments, from a week to six months.
At lunch, my mother asked me about my decision,  and I told her that I want to volunteer for a few months and then I go to school at the spring semester. That way, volunteer can help me decide what I want to do for my career.
I want to go to South Africa, to teach the kids from there about health.
Then I showed her an e-mail I got from Mark:

When my mom saw the image, she got shocked, and said it was terrible, and that the woman looks like defeated and it gave her a bad image about where I was going to, and she tried to convince me to stay, she even said that we could free some money too buy some "straw things" like she said, and send them to Mark, but she didn't even know what LifeStraws were!!! 
Life Straws are awesome, they are straws that you can bring with you anywhere, to filter any water you are drinking, you can just go to a dirty pond and suck up the water and it gets filtered.

She really tried to convince me to leave this idea, but I got around and told her that I really wanted to travel, to help this people with my own hands and I finnaly found a volunteer program which lasts up to six months, so I can be back in time for school.
I think after this she understood, and told me to prepare everything, gather the informations about the volunteering and choose the school I want to go.

This is what passion feels like. I love it!

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