Live in the moment

Today at breakfast I told my mother that I want to join Peace Corps, that I want to do something important, so I showed her an e-mail I receive from Mark about William, a boy who is in Malawi and built a windmill to make electricity for his house, he is only 14 years old and he didn't finish High School. Now he's making lots of money, travelling through the world, and showing his story as an example to follow.
I explain to my mother that I don't know when I'll die. I could die tomorrow, and if I do, I'll regret not doing the things that I wanted to do.
Then I told her about a eight-years-old kid, Ryan, from Canada. He learned that there were people dying because they didn't have clean water, so he raised 70$ and then talked with his friends, neighbors and the rest of the community to raise the rest of the money to build a well on a Ugandan village. Now, he has his own organization that builds wells around the world.
My mom started to get convinced, but she said something that made me think...
If I join Peace Corps, I won't be able to see my friends or my mother for years, so my mom gave me the idea to go to college, and then if I still want to go to the Peace Corps, she would let me.
I want to do volunteering, but I don't think I'll last for two years in there. And I don't want to go to college yet anyway...

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